Bolt Tension Cells


Our bolt tension cells designed with unique strain gage configuration to measure tension on a bolt during tightening. It is integral part of an iPitch. Using a MC950 in conjunction with input torque transducer and a tension cell, fastener engineer can measure the torque tension characteristics of a fastener and calculate total friction coefficient. Effects of material, surface finish, plating, lubricant and coating can be evaluated. It features a large internal diameter to accommodate a wide range of bolt sizes when used with our selection of plates and bushings. Plates are recessed for square washer inserts, for simulation of the surface on the joint of interest. Our bolt tension cells are equipped with AutoID, which saves its calibration setting inside a memory chip to be read by the MC950. Bolt tension cell can also be used to calibrate ultrasonic bolts.


33 KN Load Model LC8-33
100 KN Load Model LC8-100
300 KN Load Model LC8-300
500 KN Load Model LC8-500

Plates and bushings are sold separately. A plate and bushing pair is required for each bolt size.


To view the full specifications please download the PDF below.

Download Spec PDF

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