Micro Control's ultrasonic tension sensor line, UTensor, embodies the most popular method of bolt load testing to date. These glue-on transducers can be used in almost all bolted joints applications, including industries such as automotive, aerospace, wind, and commercial refinery.


UTensor I Overview

  • 10 mm diameter x 7.5 mm height
  • 7.5 MHz Piezo ceramic sensor with connector
  • Reusable when a weak adhesive is used
  • Can be removed from head of the bolt with use of shear force (temporary mounting)
  • Includes built-in ultrasonic cable connector
  • Dynamic reading of tension while bolt is tightening
  • Static reading of tension after bolt is tightened
  • No reattachment error (a common problem with traditional magnetic ultrasonic sensors)
  • Supplied in packages of 20

Key Features

How does it work?

UTensor I binds to the head of a bolt using a cyanoacrylate adhesive. A cable is then attached to the plastic connector on one end and the MC900 ultrasonic measuring unit on the other end. After testing, UTensor I can be easily removed by applying shear force at the base of the sensor.

For more permanent and high temperature applications a strain gage epoxy (MBond 610 from Vishay) can be used.

The UTensor I is supplied in packages of 20.