Micro Control's ultrasonic tension sensor line, UTensor, embodies the most popular method of bolt load testing to date. These glue-on transducers can be used in almost all bolted joints applications, including industries such as automotive, aerospace, wind, and commercial refinery.


UTensor III Overview

  • 6.33 mm diameter x 3 mm height
  • 7.5 MHz Piezo ceramic sensor
  • Multiple uses when a weak adhesive is used
  • Can be removed from head of the bolt with use of shear force (temporary mounting)
  • Requires magnetic pickup unit III for connection to MC950
  • Automatic bolt temperature reading and compensation
  • Dynamic reading of tension while bolt is tightening or static clamp load measurement
  • No reattachment error (a common problem with traditional magnetic ultrasonic sensors)
  • Supplied in packages of 40

Key Features

How does it work?

The UTensor III presents an improved approach to the concept of a reusable glue-on transducer. Bound to the bolt with a cyanoacrylate adhesive, UTensor III uses a magnetic pickup unit instead of a built-in connector to link to the MC950 ultrasonic measurement unit. UTensor III combines the reusability glue-on aspect of UTensor I and the magnetic pickup unit aspect of UTensor II to create an innovative hybrid.

Due to a strong steel casing, smaller size and fewer exposed components, the UTensor III has increased durability and lasting life.

UTensor III can be soldered to the body and top. It can be used in tight areas with limited clearance.

UTensor III is supplied in packages of 40.