Micro Control's ultrasonic tension sensor line, UTensor, embodies the most popular method of bolt load testing to date. These glue-on transducers can be used in almost all bolted joints applications, including industries such as automotive, aerospace, wind, and commercial refinery.


UTensor II Overview

  • 3 mm length x 3 mm width x 0.1 mm height
  • 7.5 MHz Piezo ceramic sensor
  • Small footprint
  • One-time use with high-strength glues (permanent mounting)
  • Requires magnetic pickup unit (2) for connection to MC900
  • Automatic bolt temperature reading and compensation
  • Dynamic reading of tension while bolt is tightening
  • Static clamp load measurement after bolt is tightened
  • No reattachment error (a common problem with traditional magnetic ultrasonic sensors)
  • Supplied in packages of 100

Key Features

How does it work?

After quick assembly, a magnetic pickup unit is placed on the sensor, while a cable connects it to the MC900 ultrasonic measurement unit. The sensor boasts permanent mounting, but can be removed with shear force. UTensor II is not reusable.

Due to its compact size, the UTensor II becomes a much more durable and longer-lasting sensor application.

The UTensor II is supplied in packages of 100.


To view the full specifications please download the PDF below.

Download Installation PDF