In accordance with Micro Control's commitment to providing complete solutions for bolt testing, we can source torque-angle transducers from 1 to 1000Nm, and tension load cells ranging from 100 to 300 kN.

Bolt Tension Load Cells

The Bolt Tension Load Cell measures the tension on a bolt using strain gauges. It can be used with iPitch, alongside a torque transducer to measure the torque-tension characteristics of a fastener.

Our load cells feature a large internal diameter for compatibility and a wide range of bolt sizes with the use of our selection of plates and bushings.

They also feature slotted mounts on the base for convenience, and standard keyway slots for centering on the iPitch system.

Circular pattern holes for configurable rotation of load cells for installation and ease of connector access.

Plates are recessed for square wahser inserts, for simulation of the surface on the actual bolted joint.

Load cells are equipped with AutoID, which saves its calibration setting inside a memory chip to be read by the MC900.

Plates and bushings are sold spearately. A plate and bushing pair is required for each bolt size.

33 KN Model LC8-33
100KN Model LC8-100
300KN Model LC8-300
500KN Model LC8-500

Measure tension and evaluate torque tension relationship or calculate total coefficient of friction of a bolt.
Use with MC900 Ultrasonic to calibrate the bolts.

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