In accordance with Micro Control's commitment to providing complete solutions for bolt testing, we can source torque-angle transducers from 1 to 1000Nm, and tension load cells ranging from 100 to 300 kN.

Torque Angle Transducers with Ultrasonic pickup unit II (TAU)

Rotating slip-ring torque angle with UPickII transducer is designed to measure torque, angle and ultrasonic tension while tightening a threaded fastener. The rotating shaft is machined from a single piece of rigid steel that is instrumented with full bridge strain gauges. Ultrasonic signals are pickup by the spring-loaded probe in center of the shaft that contacts an ultrasonic sensor glued to the head of a bolt. All ultrasonic and torque signals are conducted to the Bendix and MCX connectors via slip rings. The angle is measured by a durable optical encoder to withstand high-impact signals.

Torque Only
Torque + Angle
Torque + Angle + Ultrasonic

160Nm Model TAU050-160NM
200Nm Model TAU050-200NM
300Nm Model TAU075-300NM
400Nm Model TAU075-400NM
500Nm Model TAU075-500NM
1000Nm Model TAU100-1000NM
1500Nm Model TAU100-1000NM

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