Micro Control Inc. is a leading innovator, developer, and provider of fastener testing technologies for companies around the world. Established in 1988, Micro Control is celebrating over 20 years of providing quality products and services in its Troy, Michigan headquarters; in the heart of the North American automotive industry.

We are dedicated to developing products that accurately and efficiently test bolted joints, enabling the acquisition of torque, tension, and friction, and their relationships. Famous for the MC900 Transient Recorder Analyzer, Micro Control was the first to combine a myriad of fastener testing technologies into a single portable unit, enabling the convenient collection and analysis of data. Our products are designed for use in the design, assembly, and post-assembly stages of a production cycle.

Micro Control offers innovative software, hardware, and sensor solutions, all equipped with full customer service. Our experts assist customers throughout the entire process, from information analysis, to assembly, to how-to demonstration sessions and classes.

The flexibility of Micro Control's products allow application in a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to, automotive, aerospace, energy, structural engineering, construction, and industrial applications.

As always, Micro Control is committed to addressing client needs while exceeding expectations.